Juki DDL 8700 Review

In this modern era of technology, Sewing Machines have become must-have equipment, whether it is for home use or use in large scale production. Sewing Machines have been in trend for a long time. They make the cloth sewing and stitching process a lot easier than traditional sewing methods like manual hand sewing.

It works very efficiently without any external efforts, providing 1000 or even more stitches per minute, which cannot be matched by any traditional hand sewing methods. 

Juki DDL 8700

Juki Ddl-8700 Multi Fuctional 1 Needle - Lockstitch Machine...

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Around a few years ago, Juki company launched one of the most highly efficient sewing machines called Juki Ddl 8700, which combines both material quality and provides highly powerful and efficient performance. This places it among the best Sewing Machines all over the world.  It features speed, quality, and durability and is ideal for straight stitching.

This machine is widely used in the home, in small scale and large scale manufacturing. It is also used in educational environments such as fashion designing schools.

Salient Features of Juki Ddl 8700 Sewing Machine

Juki Ddl 8700 is overall a highly efficient Sewing Machine. It is multifunctional and is easy to use and setup. Here are some of its features:


Juki Ddl 8700 is available in two variants. The first one is the clutch motor variant and the second one is the servo motor variant. The clutch motor is more powerful in functioning than the servo motor.

However, the Servo motor variant is more preferred than the Clutch motor ones.

Needle Type

Juki Ddl 8700 Machine is equipped with needle Organ DBx1, which is the same as 16×231. However, you can use needles of various sizes in this machine according to your needs.

Needle and Mechanism

This uses a single needle lockstitch mechanism to perfectly sew and stitch your clothes. This is ideal for perfect straight stitching.


 This Machine works on 110 Volts and is almost noise-free, unlike other sewing machines, which make an extremely loud and annoying noise. The servo motor comparatively produces less noise than the clutch motor.

Stitching Speed

It is really fast and reliable, capable of delivering straight 5,500 stitches every minute. Also, the servo motor variant of Juki also provides adjustable RPMs of the needle which you can set according to your needs.

Stitching Dimension

It can produce a maximum length of 5mm of stitches or 6 stitches in a single inch, which is perfect to use on fashion clothes as well as ordinary garments and thick clothes such as jackets.


This machine is highly compact and small with dimensions 20×48×48 in inches. This means no worrying about placing the sewing machine again, it fits anywhere in your house without any hassle.


This product is just 28 pounds, which makes it incredibly lightweight. With this product, you don’t have to worry about moving or carrying your sewing machine as it is small and has a lightweight, and thus is easily portable.

What We Like

  • Highly durable
  • Strong manufacture quality
  • Fast and efficient
  • Noise-free operation
  • Easy to use
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Adjustable RPMs in servo motor
  • 11-inch neck to needle arm space
  • Comfortable knee level ¼-inch  presser foot lift

What We Dislike

  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Can only be used for straight stitches
  • Not completely noise-free
  • Not ideal for hard and thick materials such as leather


Here we saw the Juki Ddl 8700 Sewing Machine, which is one of the best and highly efficient machines among various other sewing machines. It combines power, quality, and efficiency and provides the best possible results. It provides you with various features such as adjustable RPMs. This Juki product is chosen all over the world, from small household tailors to large scale producers.

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