Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine CS6000i Review

Want to get your clothes designed by yourself and are looking out for the best option, then you must check out this sewing machine. This sewing machine from Brother is going to be your best companion is stitching clothes of every type. Brother offers you one of the best options with the help of which you can give wings to your hobby of stitching. So, let the designer within you enjoy the kick-start to a great journey with this machine.

Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine CS6000i

Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In...

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The sewing machine is easy to set up, and the best thing is the portability of the product. It is a great option for those who love to stitch and give shape to their creativity. The product can prove to be one of the best choices when it comes to shopping for a product at an affordable price. All you need to do is to book an order and get to enjoy using it without any hassles. 

Salient Features of Features of Brother CS6000i Review

Now that you must be looking out for the details on the products, let us move further and understand the features it has to offer.

Speed Control

One of the best features of this sewing machine is the speed control buttons. You can easily select the speed of the machine and make it run according to your preference. No need to hurry up things as with the speed control option you can get to enjoy a quick delivery by operating it at a pace that you love.

LCD Screen

To make you enjoy every single stitch that is being done, this machine comes with an elegant LCD monitor. You can keep a check on the finishing of each stitch and get to know if there is any flaw in the performance. Also, it can help you know where you went wrong and can also help in correcting the same.

Works on Different Projects

This product, as a beginner, maybe one of the better alternatives on the market for other versions. Through your own instincts, you will test your new thoughts. This Brother model is super user friendly with the zigzag stitch option. An enthusiastic and imaginative person will play the infinite project possibilities on his own and create varied designs.

Quilting Table

Another add on that the users can enjoy about this sewing machine is the quilting table. This helps in adding finish to your stitching. Not only is the table huge in size but it is also very strong.  It helps you complete your projects with ultimate finishing. 

Stitch Selection 

You can choose from 60 included stitches on the LCD pad, and there is a diagram on the right side of the computer with a list of all the stitches you want to select and all their numbers.

You can pick the stitch length and width by clicking a button. You can choose from the three-speed sets with the provided foot pedal, which is after all computerized sewing machine, or you can use your foot to control the sewing speed.

Two Years Warranty

The next feature that we have on the list is the two-year warranty that the machine comes along. The manufacturers make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to giving you the best. You can easily get your machine fixed, repaired, and replaced if there is any defect or major issue.

Free Demo

Unlike other businesses, before you plan to invest in any Brother product, Brother offers two free demos. These demos should be booked as easily as possible. These two demos allow the consumer to gain perspective and make a smarter decision. It leads to building confidence and trust between the business and the client.

In addition, newbies can call the experts at the closest Brother Center and get to know everything about the sewing machine that they want to purchase.

Strong Built

One of the best features of the sewing machine is that it is built of strong material and looks elegant. The design has no unfinished edges. Each point is set at the accurate place, and this makes the sewing machine look perfect and classy.

Various Stitching Options

Next on the list is that the sewing machine comes along with more than 700 stitching options. You can select the best one according to your choice and enjoy bringing it on the cloth for the best satisfaction. Also, if you want to keep a check on every sewn, the sewing machine also has an LCD screen to help you enjoy the same.


For those who prefer keeping things light, this sewing machine is a great option. It is light in weight, and the compact size also makes it easy to store. The machine looks attractive, and the strong material will not make it suffer from any kind of wear and tear.

You can keep it on the bed or on your side table and get to enjoy stitching some creative things. No matter whether it is about placing lace on the frock of your princess or stitching of cushion, just give this machine a try, and you get to enjoy the best without any hassles.

A Friend of the Beginners

If you are a beginner and want to try your hands on stitching, then this sewing machine is the right option for you. It will offer you tremendous options to enjoy stitching clothes. It will also be your best companion in enjoying your hobby to the core. For the ones who are still building interest in stitching, this one is a great option to buy. 

Foot Paddle

Last but not least is the foot paddle. This sewing machine can be used along with a foot paddle and without it too. If you want to use it with the paddle, all you need to do is to connect it with the same and enjoy easy stitching of the clothes.

What We Like

  • Easy threading
  • Excellent looks
  • Easy to use
  • Portability
  • Sturdy design
  • Best for beginners
  • Simple installation from bobbin to threading
  • One of my favorite things is the quilting pad.
  • Many points to choose from along with the settings of length and width
  • Can be used with the foot pedal or without it

What We Dislike

One major drawback of this sewing machine is that the quality of the needle is not the best. Apart from this, the light is also of poor quality.

Wrapping Up

The Brother CS6000i is one of the best in the field for both beginners and experienced seamstresses, which does not have all the bloated characteristics that have never been seen but are used to inflate the price (like 700 stitch options). It is a strong sewing machine that will stay with you for a long time. One of the best things is the sturdy table that it comes along to offer the users with a great design and creative looks.

Though the machine has its flaws and it is advised that you use your own needles. Still, it manages to leave a positive mark on the users who have used it previously. The product has gained a good amount of positive feedback to make it a must-buy option.  

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