Best Sewing Machine Brands in India 

In today’s world fashion has become a necessity. Not just fashion, but the idea of wearing properly, stitched and designed clothes have always been a priority for everyone. Obviously, nobody likes to wear ill-fitted clothes. Here is where stitching appears as a very significant skill that everyone should be learning. 

Hence, if you are an ardent lover of stitching, if you have decided to learn to stitch, or if want to stitch your own designed clothes; then you need to buy a perfect wholesome quality sewing machine.

It is very significant to properly analyze a good sewing machine and then buy it because you do not want to regret the item once you have bought it. So to help you get a good product, here are some of the best brands of sewing machines. which you can trust.

  1)  Usha

Usha International Ltd is one of the most trusted brands in India. It manufactures the finest quality products for providing its consumers with the best and simplest lifestyle possible. Under its umbrella, it has introduced the most useful kitchen appliances including fans, sewing machines, water coolers, dispensers, power products, inverters, etc. Today whatever it has manufactured has become a user’s choice. 

Talking about its sewing machine, Usha produces automatic sewing machines that are made, of Japanese technology. Its sewing machines are designed very innovatively. All the features of a smart sewing machine have been appropriately induced, in them. Most customers have loved their experience with using Usha’s products. Moreover, these quality appliances also have very reasonable and affordable pricing.

 2)  Brother JA

This sewing machine brand is a very trusted Japanese production. Designed with Japanese Technology, it provides around 71 different types of stitches. Moreover, if you face any difficulty with inserting the thread in the needle; then as a solution, their machines promote automatic insertion of threat, into the needle, too. Brother’s sewing machine also gives one stitch facility along with a picot foot, which facilitates perfect stitching.

Moreover, if you are looking for sewing machines that can meet your budget of 15000, then Brother JA sewing machines are the right place to invest in. It is trustable and has an impressive rating on Amazon. It also provides a guide book to teach you how to stitch using its machine.

3)  Bernette

Bernette provides standard sewing machines and electric sewing machines that are great not only for stitching but also for embroidery. It is a US-based company but, it delivers its products in many parts of the world (including India). It has several great features which make sewing for the sewists all the more exciting. Its features are highly innovative and its pricing is also highly reasonable. 

It offers about 15 or even more different types of stitches and 4 buttonholes through its products so that you can switch to whichever mode of stitching you want to. It involves an extensive stitching table and a case for carrying the sewing machines very safely. Thus, this brand is worthy of buying and trying. 

4)  Singer Promise

The sewing machines from this brand are very lightweight and portable and possess all the possible features of a wholesome sewing machine. They provide around 63 Stitch Applications for sewing in different ways through their products. They have a dial that helps you to set the mode of stitching that you want. This brand is Amazon’s one of the most favorite too.

Singer Promise’s products have an automatic buttonhole, favoring you to sew on thicker clothes. They have a metal frame that protects them from damage. These automatic sewing machines have a free arm convertible that favors its users to swiftly stitch unusual parts, of clothing like collars, cuffs, etc. They also come within a very affordable price range.

5)  MR Group 

The sewing machines from this brand are perfect for those who have a low budget. It usually provides portable mini sewing machines to the customers. The features of the sewing machines of the MR Group are very sustainable, which makes them a complete machine for stitching in peace. It has not disappointed its users and, it has a very good rating on Amazon too. 

Their products come with great features like, an extension table that gives a good amount of space to large pieces of clothes. They also have two different speed controls; so, you can adjust it accordingly. Moreover, they come with 1 Metal Bobbins and 1 Needle Threader. Their sewing machines can be even bought, without the table too.

6)  NEX 

The American brand Nex offers Mini Sewing Machines, which are highly portable. They are very lightweight and have designed very beautifully. They hardly weigh around 1.74 pounds. The features of their sewing machines are very wholesome and sufficient. The best thing about this brand’s sewing machines is that it can be set up, anywhere very swiftly. 

Since they run on the battery, you can charge them in two ways. You can charge them either through a power adapter or four AA batteries. They are very easy to use and are highly recommended, for beginners. The working area of the sewing machines have a fixed LED light which makes the field of the working area very visible.

7)  Kiwilion

Kiwilion is an Indian sewing brand that is highly multifunctional. It has a good number of features that will facilitate your interest in stitching. One of them is, it offers different modes of sewing. It also makes sewing faster. Considering its features and designs, it has a very reasonable price. 

Its products have two different types of speeds, so you can adjust their pace as how you like it. They have an in-built thread and about 12 different types of stitches. These stitches will allow you to change the mode of stitching. So you can modify the size of your clothes, make clothes for kids and pets too, and even perform stitching on different types of clothes.  

8)  Appigo

Appigo is one of the well-renowned sewing machine brands. It is highly trustable and its products are built with efficient technologies and features. Its sewing machines are very portable and electric and automatic. It can perform multiple types of stitches. The price of the sewing machines of this brand is slightly high but considering its features and design, it is worth it. 

Again, Appigo offers two types of speeds so, you can adjust accordingly. Their products also have about 12 different types of stitches. They provide different varieties of stitching. The machine can seam, hem, and also perform buttonholing and auto winding as well. Thus, it will be great to have a product with such great features and technology.


So, these were some of the most renowned sewing machine brands that are available in India. You can easily get them on Amazon. Sewing is a great skill, and you must learn it with the help of good sewing machines with multiple features. No doubt, whatever brands that have been suggested here are a class apart with great features and all of them are very easy to use too. Most of the machines are great for beginners as well. The sewing machines of Usha and Brunette are highly recommended as they have compact features and are skillfully made.

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